Why should you hire a former educator?

Here's a truth: educators didn't get into education for the money, and education can no longer tap their altruism. As a result, people are leaving, and that means you can find incredibly talented, driven people—at a discount. Let's get to the point: most educators don't have industry experience. They need it, but once they get it, they'll be your best employees. Here's what they do have:


Educators entering the private sector is like getting raw clay—you're molding your future leadership team.


They know how to figure things out. Given a short learning curve, they will be the best hires you've ever made.

Knowledge Acquisition

They'll learn the ins and outs of your products and processes. Fast.

Organization Skills

Educators know how to structure knowledge, and they know how to operate independently as part of a larger whole.


If they don't know how to do something, they'll figure it out, and they'll do it within budget.

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Our awesome features

Who's in the database?

We don't specialize in any one career path. From sales to ops to marketing to data or anything else, we know someone you'd love to hire. We work with job seekers coming from education: teachers, researchers, staff, and administrators from K12 to PhD.


From the kindergarten classroom to the university lecture hall, these folks know how to organize and deliver knowledge and connect to people.


Managing teams of people and (at times) multi-million dollar budgets, these folks know how to connect with people and make decisions.

Support Staff

Some of the most resourceful and kind people you'll meet who are dedicated to the success of others.


Smart, driven people with insatiable curiosity. They know and understand processes, people, and programs.

Sourcing Services at Educators.Network

Hiring an educator is a lot like hiring a veteran or a stay-at-home parent returning to the workforce. They all have a wealth of experience that needs translating. They "just need a chance," you know? We are so confident in the potential for these hires, we only collect 50% of our fee at the time of placement, and we collect the other 50% after 30-days of employment. During that first month, we will offer your new hire one hour of support each week for four weeks. We work directly with employers and recruiting agencies. Below is the commission structure we use based on total yearly compensation (salary + expected bonuses and commissions):

For employers, 10% for salaries below $50k

For employers, 15% for salaries above $50k

For recruiting agencies, 50% of fee for any salary


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