Welcome to Educators.Network

Hi. I'm Eric. I created #HireHigherEd and #TranslateAcademia. This is Educators.Network. Thanks for being here! This website serves two primary purposes:

Resources for Academics & Teachers

LinkedIn profile reviews. Databases of vetted resources and "successful" resumes. Special events and more.

A "Portfolio" of sorts

I want to show, not tell. I like to build solutions, and I'm using this website as evidence. (If you're stuck in a job search, consider building something too.)


Our awesome features

Let's clear some air.

Frequently asked questions.

My content is catered to academics in higher education, but it will resonate with staff and admin from higher ed and K12.

At this point, I can't not do it. This is what I think about. I love helping people, data, and building resources.

This is a passion project. I'm not seeking to monetize this.

First off, thank you! I'd love to chat about a job! Also, I am structuring this in a way that takes little effort on my part, which is probably another reason why you're so keen to hire me! To answer your question: yes.

No. I am not a coach. If you want to give someone your money, check out the resources database for some recommendations. I love meeting people, so DM me if you want to have a low-key networking chat.

I am bipolar. If at some point you ask yourself, "how does he do all of this" or "why did he do that," the answer is that my brain is different. It's taken a lot for me to understand what that means in my life. I can't not be me, you know? I once articulated it this way: "I do what others wouldn't, but what others do I can't." I dunno. To me it makes sense, and that's a beautiful thing.

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