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Hi, I'm Eric. I build community because I can't help it. I decided to take a step back from content creation and general activity on LinkedIn (that means fewer posts but more comments). I still want to provide sound resources for people. I still want to connect companies to candidates. What you're looking at today is how I've optimized how I help people. Please enjoy, and if we haven't, let's connect!

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More about Eric.

I lost my academic teaching job in May 2020, which is when I created #HireHigherEd. After I found a new career as a data analyst in ed tech, I created #TranslateAcademia. I left that job, though, to start a data company. But I had a problem: I couldn't pull myself away from connecting with people. I love it, so I created something new: Educators.Network.

I've connected with hundreds of intelligent, driven, capable people who love education but need to leave. I've also connected with dozens of businesses and organizations looking to hire amazing people!

Let's connect and help some people.